Thursday, January 09, 2014

Semester Five Takwim 2014

Greetings TESLians,

Welcome to Semester 5 & Happy New Year everyone!

 Here is the Semester 5 'takwim' provided by the PPG admins


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Semester 4 Second "Face To Face" Timetable

Greetings TESLians,

Here is our Semester 4 Second "Face To Face" Timetable provided by the PPG Admins.


See you there! Have a safe journey!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Unzipping the British Council Phoneme Chart from Facebook files

Greetings TESLians,

The phonemic chart application for PC/Windows is available in the 'files' section of our Facebook group.
Since Facebook prohibit executable files (application files, extension *.exe), I have to zip the file first before I can upload it to Facebook.

Those who are unfamiliar with 'zip', this is a short tutorial on how to 'unzip' the file after you download it.
I recommend a free small zip application called 7-zip if you don't have any zip software in your computer (softwares like Winzip, Winrar etc).

Below is the tutorial. (pictures)

1) Download the zip file from the files section.

2) After you download it, open the 'downloads' folder to see the zip file

3) This is how it looks like on my laptop.

4) Download the '7-zip' software/application.

5) After you installed 7-zip, the software will add the 7-zip menu
on your context menu. Just right click on the zip file and you'll
see something like this. 

6) The 'extract to TEphonemic folder' will create a folder named
'TEphonemic' on your computer.

7) Open the folder, you should see an application
called 'TEphonemic_GreyBlue21.exe'. Click it and voila!
Make sure you also have Adobe Flash Player installed too. 

and If you are using an ANDROID smartphone, you can also check out apps on Playstore on phonemic charts. Just type the word 'phonemic' on the app searcher and try out whatever app that pops up.

This app is recommended : The Macmillan Sound Pronunciation App for Android

Till then, cheers!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Semester Four First "Face To Face" Schedule

Greetings TESLians,

Welcome to Semester 4!

 Here is the Semester 4 first "Face To Face" schedule provided by the PPG admins